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Fantasy Orchids Direct

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 We will bring plant arrangements to your home every six weeks to replace the plants so they are always looking fresh and beautiful. We will call the day before delivery to remind you we are coming and provide an estimated time of arrival.

You must water the plants once per week(we will provide instruction on how to do this in your home). If you fail to water, then the flowers will not last. We can replace plants dropping flowers prematurely but there will be an additional charge.

 We provide a cork pad to protect furniture from any moisture, you must use this pad under the plants as a water barrier. 

Currently available in 80209 zip code

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  We require a credit card number to charge your account the day prior to delivery.

 Arrangements will vary each delivery. Some varieties will be available year round, but some plants are seasonal and will only be available at certain times of the year. We do invite your input for your preferences on both varieties and colors. Our primary goal is to make your home more beautiful and enjoyable to you.

 Arrangements will arrive ready to place in your home and we will have very little time to change the arrangement while we are there. (We should be in your home less than 10 minutes).

 Single plant arrangements start at $50. This includes orchid plant, decorative pot, curly willow or similar.

Minimum order is required.

 Call for additional details.

Kent - 303-666-5432