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Orchid Plant Boarding

Fantasy Orchids offers a service you may not be aware of - we board orchid plants. Our clients use this service because they have run out of space for their orchid collection, simply don't have the time to care for all their plants, or while they are out of town or while on vacation.

We provide the perfect growing environment for your orchids. Giving them proper nutrients, light and water so they will flower to their maximum potential for you. As we grow your plants they will become bigger, stronger, and produce more flowers for you to enjoy each year. When you have an orchid plant ready to flower we will call you and let you know. You can pick it up and take it home to enjoy the flowers and return it to us when it's finished blooming. At the same time you can take your next flowering plants home to enjoy. Each time you bring plants back to us, we will provide a spa treatment for another season of healthy growing and flowering.

This is a great way to expand your orchid collection and enjoy more flowers in your home. Many clients have found this an excellent way to have their home filled with flowers all year round. You will find this especially enjoyable during the winter months.

You can always have orchids in bloom to enjoy in your home even if you don't have the ideal growing environment. This is by far the easiest way to enjoy your orchid collection.

Let us grow your plants to perfection. We grow your plants and you enjoy the flowers. You are welcome to come to the greenhouse anytime to inspect and enjoy your plants. This is a very relaxing break for most of our clients. you can do as much or as little as you want with your plants and the leave the rest to us.

For all the details call Kent at 303-666-5432 and he can answer any questions you have.