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Order from our catalog right here on our website. We have a huge inventory of plants and species and ship first class. Click here for more shipping information.

Our site lists most of the plants we have in the greenhouse.  When ordering, each plant is not guaranteed to be in flower.  If you are ordering to have a plant in flower, it is recommended that you call and place the order by phone so that we get you the best possible plant for your needs. Fantasy Orchids 303-666-5432

Orchids are live plants! Please be realistic when ordering, especially to cold destinations.  If we think the temperatures are too cold we will wait to ship the plants until temperatures are above freezing at night.

We only ship early in the week to insure safe delivery without delay.  If there are holidays during the week, we will not ship that week in order to avoid delays and possible stress to the plant.

If you have a time sensetive order it is recommended that you call in your order so that we can make sure your order can be safely completed.

If you have questions, don't assume anything, please call so that we can make sure to satisfy your order.