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Orchid Care

Fantasy Orchids is the only greenhouse to specialize in orchids in Colorado. Our classes are free and we offer over 30 years of orchid growing knowledge and experience in every class.

Growing Orchids:

Orchids are the 'ultimate houseplant' because they grow in the same conditions as your other houseplants, but their flowers last so much longer.

Orchids also offer a huge variety of flowers. Some of the most exotic blooms in the world can be yours to enjoy at home, with no more care than your other houseplants require. They cling to the same trees in the jungle and therefore, can grow in the exact same conditions as most of your other houseplants.

Many orchids bloom during the winter months, which is particularly gratifying while outdoor plants are dormant.

The growing zone is within two feet of the window. Direct sunlight on leaves is usually fine in an east window but may burn leaves in a south or west window. Most orchid leaves should be a medium green color. If your orchid is hesitant to flower try increasing the light levels and use Flower Fantasy Fertilizer.

Since most orchids do not grow in soil and prefer a very porous mix, a thorough watering of the roots is crucial. Water plants generously but NEVER allow the plant to stand in water. Most types should become almost dry before watering again. This may require several days to a week depending upon conditions. An easy way to determine when a plant is dry is by its weight. If the plant feels light it may be time to water. When unsure, wait a day.

Grouping plants together is one of the easiest ways to increase humidity around houseplants. Plants placed on a tray filled with gravel and water for evaporation helps. Humidifiers are often used. Fresh air is important, place a small fan near your plants to keep the air fresh.

Orchids do well between 65 and 85 degrees. All plants prefer a 25 to 20 degree difference between day and nighttime temperatures.

Use Flower Fantasy Fertilizer 
with every watering. Every other week spray plants with Fantasy Secret Solution to develop maximum plant strength, flowering and root growth. By following these basic guidelines, you can expect awesome results.

*You can also learn about growing orchids at your own leisure by viewing our Growing Orchids DVD, which covers a lot of the same material our classes do.

Growing Classes are FREE! Please call ahead for seating in the classes: 303-666-5432
All classes begin at 11 AM and last for about 1 hour.  Call for details about upcoming events.

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